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        Four Seasons</br> Hotel  Jakarta, Indonesia
        Four Seasons
        Hotel Jakarta, Indonesia
        To be the top global supplier of customized lighting
        Ritz Carlton Hotel</br> Pune India
        Ritz Carlton Hotel
        Pune India
        To be the top global supplier of customized, lighting
        The Residences at </br>Mandarin Oriental Bangkok, Thailand
        The Residences at
        Mandarin Oriental Bangkok, Thailand
        To be the top global supplier of customized lighting
        Courtyard Los</br> Angeles Monterey Park , USA
        Courtyard Los
        Angeles Monterey Park , USA
        To be the top global supplier of customized lighting
        Custom Lighting
        Decorative Lighting
        Architecture Lighting

         INFO. CENTER


        In this section, EME lighting factory will shed some lights on you to bring you up to speed. EME emphasizes its own development and improvement, and more importantly, the training of all technicians. Read news from the EME website and you will see how we improve ourselves. In addition, we will provide you with the latest lighting knowledge to help you determine the type of light that works best for you.Top lighting manufacturer, EME factory is adept at oem & odm crystal chandeliers. More info about EME crystal chandelier lighting, wecome to stay tuned.

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